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CimentArt Florida new showroom opens

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CimentArt Florida new showroom opens

Posted by: John Miles
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Award-winning Spanish Microcement begins distribution in the US

Microcement comes to American floors, walls, showers and baths after 37 other countries

This year marks the first time that the award-winning decorative cement coating line called CimentArt is being distributed in the USA.  The Spanish product line from originator Juan Aranda has grown in distribution to 37 countries around the world with more countries each year, and was finally introduced to the US market via an architect named Ketty Miles that had seen the product in her home country of Venezuela several years ago.   

CimentArt first won National awards in Spain for both quality and for being ecologically friendly. Their products have been certified with both ISO 14000 and ISO 9001, and just last month the company was awarded the best microcement solutions manufacturer 2019 in all Europe.

“Our products can be applied on any support (tiles, showers, kitchen countertops, wood, plasterboard, cement, plaster, ceramic and porcelain) and never crack creating a continuous coating with marbling effects, without joints and a maximum thickness of 2 mm” says Ketty Miles who is CEO of the distribution and training center/showroom called CimentArt Florida in Clearwater, Florida.  “We are very excited to bring this to the USA!”

The company’s focus on training is another reason the product is taking a hold on the market, with each distributor in charge of training local artisans and plasterers so the application can be as standard as possible.  Amazingly the various layers of the base, topcoat, sealer and two-part varnish are strongest the thinner they are, and thus training is important to minimize wasted product as well as generate a strong, beautiful and waterproof wall or floor that is a work of art.

“We have plasterers, painting companies, builders and flooring companies continually booking with us for our training classes and to find out about the product” says Mrs. Miles.  “But if you are a renovator, you may be very impressed with this specifically since this product line will allow covering over old bathroom tile, old countertops or floors with an impermeable beauty that has no grout.”

CimentArt Florida is a central distribution facility and distributes the CimentArt product to distributors in the US, trains artisans in application, and creates designer finishes for floors, walls, countertops and showers that are beautiful, grout-less finishes without the need to pour structural concrete or demolish old tile and floors.  They are located at 418 Laura St. Clearwater, FL 33755, or