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CimentArt USA announces newest distributor in Austin/San Antonio

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CimentArt USA announces newest distributor in Austin/San Antonio

Posted by: John Miles
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Europe’s best Microcement proving its quality with US expansion even during a pandemic


This week, Randolph Tile, LLC. announced it has launched CimentArt Austin/San Antonio, a full distributor of the microcement product lines from GrupoCimentArt in Spain.  After proving out the uses of the CimentArt lines as an anti-bacterial artisan surface over the areas they normally handle in their tile and concrete counter businesses: counters, showers, fireplaces and bathrooms.  Additionally, lighter and less expensive counters and sinks are being produced for high-end builders in the area.   

This marks the first location outside of the Tampa area in Florida that CimentArt USA has opened, with clients in several other cities around the nation discussing their interest in becoming distributors. CimentArt first won National awards in Spain for both quality and for being ecologically friendly. Their products have been certified with both ISO 14000 and ISO 9001, and just last year the company was awarded the best microcement solutions manufacturer 2019 in all Europe.

“I was very impressed with the CimentArt Aqua product after hitting the sink and counter with a hammer at the same force that cracks granite or concrete and it left a small mark that was easily sanded out – another thing not allowed with normal concrete countertops” said Bart Randolph, President of Randolph Tile, LLC.  “Even better if we can apply this product without demolition and landfill costs!”

A distributor’s key functions are sales of the product, training to certify application personnel in a standard application of the system, as well as the applications themselves.   The various layers of the primer, base, topcoat, sealer and two-part varnish are strongest the thinner they are, and thus training is important to minimize wasted product as well as generate a strong, artisanal and waterproof wall or floor.

CimentArt Florida is a central distribution facility and distributes the CimentArt product to distributors in the US, as well as acts as a normal distributor.  They are located at 418 Laura St. Clearwater, FL 33755, or  CimentArt Austin/San Antonio is located at 786 S Castell Ave, Unit G, New Braunfels, TX 78130.