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Terms of sale

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Terms of sale

rev Dec 31, 2021


  1. The customer, once the purchase has been made, will have definitively validated his order and verified its details, the total amount and shipping costs, accepting the terms of the sale.
  2. At the moment the client validates his order and the payment is verified, CimentArt will immediately issue an acknowledgment of receipt, sent by email. The contract will be understood, therefore, concluded once the payment of the client to CimentArt has been confirmed which is the only way to assure availability to customer of the product.

Availability of products

  1.  All orders are subject to the availability of the products. In some cases (especially big projects) CimentArt will work with back-orders (must be paid by the customer to assure the availability). If the customer has placed the order and the product is not available and thus back-ordered, we will notify the customer immediately. The amount of the item charged and not shipped will be sent when received from the manufacturer in Spain or replaced by another of similar characteristics (at the customer’s choice) as soon as possible.

Right to refuse an order

  1. CimentArt has the right to refuse an order in the following circumstances:
  2. Lack of availability, as provided in the previous section,
  3. When the security systems indicate that the order may be fraudulent,
  4. When the customer is a minor.

Product prices

  1. The price of the items is duly indicated by CimentArt in the estimates sent and will always be specified on the invoice. These prices will be valid at the time of the order and always will be updated to describe the current price at time of invoice.
  2. The prices of our products do not include the shipping costs, which will be communicated to the customer in the invoice or estimate and these shipping costs will always be reflected in the invoice.  The shipping price is calculated based on the items purchased (item value, item type, weight, size and quantities), the shipping company chosen for the shipment and the geographical area where the products must be shipped.
  1. All prices are shown in American Dollars ($) and do not have the corresponding taxes added.


  1. The delivery of the items will be made during normal business hours at the address indicated by the customer when placing the order, upon confirmation of payment.
  2. In case of not being available to receive a delivery, (and depending on the shipping company), the order will be returned to the warehouse or office of the shipping company, so that the customer can collect their order in person. Alternatively, the carrier may retry delivery of your order. We will do everything possible to ensure that your delivery is made in the shortest possible time. However, we will not be responsible for any loss or delay of your order for reasons beyond our control.
  3. Under no circumstances are the transport companies obliged to deliver the products on elevated floors and / or to order the merchandise in places destined for storage. Deliveries will always be made at street level.
  4. If at the time of delivery, the packaging is damaged, the customer must open the package in the presence of the carrier, to check the condition of the items. In case of damage to the items, the customer must detail them on the delivery note that the company remains once signed, whether physical or digital. Also take photos of damaged items. As the final customer and the receipt point you must start the claim process directly with the shipping company.

Environmental management general terms

  1. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. The buyer is responsible for recycling the packaging in the places designated for it. Contribute to a green planet.

Returns and refunds

  1. All sales are final.    CimentArt USA distributors spend so much time up front creating estimates and providing support needed to confirm the customers are certain about the product/texture, color and shine before placing the order and generate an invoice since sales are not refundable.  CimentArt provides the estimation of the materials based on the square footage and details provided by the customers so any change in their projects, renovations or constructions which can affect the quantities, or the type of product, are not CimentArt responsibility and under any circumstance cannot be filed a refund or credit.
  2.  CimentArt is a company that distributes microcement and its derivatives. It is not a micro-cement application company, therefore, it cannot be held responsible, in any case, for total or partial refunds requested by the end customer or by the application company, for these application work not done by our Company.